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AFMR - Review

Originally posted: Thursday, 20 November 2008

I have to begin by thanking Rob for a great time spent at Albert Falls Miniature Railways and congratulating him on a successful run of his GEA Garratt around the track. If it were not for the injectors playing up, i am sure that his engine would have run the whole weekend.

I met up with Andries on Friday morning and we made our way to PMES, luckily the club was not seriously hit by the storm that uprooted trees and ripped roofs off factories (There was even a story of a container that had been blown over!!!). The club grounds are looking really great and next years steam meet is going to be one that you really don’t want to miss (so start planning). We loaded up Johan's UVE 2 and some coaches made our way towards AFMR. After fixing a blown out tire on our trailer we safely made it to AFMR and were all very impressed with new blue AFMR coaches as they crossed the bridge in the distance. Unloading and loading a +- half a ton Locomotive is a stressful event for both owner and Loco, but all went well. Tired from traveling and unloading the first night was spent around the fire with good conversation and food.

Saturday was full of steam with Gideon’s Lawley first around the track, JJ’s and Hannes’s UVE2’s followed suit. At about midday a jet like droning sound came from Robs workshop as he fired up the diesel burning GEA and after about 45 mins, he pulled out onto the main line and successfully completed one trip around the track. This loco steams and runs like a dream and i am confident that it will run for hours once the injectors are working. There were a few challenges with injectors and lubricators on the UVE’s but everyone had a good run and by late afternoon fires were dropped and everyone was around the braai chatting away.

On Sunday packing up starting early and i took the AFMR diesel for a few trips before we all made our way back home

Once again a great time spent at AFMR , i highly recommend a trip out there, AFMR is open on Saturdays and Sundays.