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SAR live steam Youtube clips

Originally posted: Friday, 21 May 2010

A collection of SAR live steam Youtube clips

Credits: SAR Live Steam Forum, & all those who filmed/build these engines!

Andrew Giffen has a very detailed 3 1/2" Gauge 15F, a little article of it here:

And here it is with the 17 coach train, turn up the volume and listen to it as it goes in and out of the tunnel!

Bryn's Old 16DA with the exhaust that sounds like full size, listen carefully in the dark as it was mainly filmed in the dark but he did so so that one relies on the sound - excuse the music to start with but when it finishes, turn it up and listen to the engine...
(might take a little time to load)
(9.25 Gauge 15F - Old footage courtesy of Hannes Paling, turn up the volume on the last minute of footage as the Huge 15F Muscles its way through a cutting with brakes on - the engine sounds like full size in 9.25 Gauge!
(SAR Class 22 - Never built in reality but a friend of Bryn's "Preserved" it by constructing one in 7 1/4" Gauge. It could be said that this is the only working example of its kind ever built!)
(Amazing clip of 15CA working upgrade)
(Amazing shot of 12AR of Reefsteamers)
(Amazing footage of 15F in-cab footage Courtesy Trevor Staats)
(Great footage of 25NC Trans-Karoo Trevor Staats)
(Explosive 23 Class start)
(NG15 Cab ride)